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    The AMX fighter Jet was conceived as a joint programme between Italy and Brazil undertaken by Alenia, Aer...


AMX The AMX fighter Jet was conceived as a joint programme between Italy and Brazil undertaken by Alenia, Aermacchi and Embraer, a surface attack aircraft for battlefield interdiction, closes air support and reconnaissance missions. The AMX is capable of operating at high subsonic speeds and low altitude, by day or night and if necessary from bases with precarious runways.

It features low IR signature, reduced radar equivalent cross section and low vulnerability of structure and systems guarantee a high probability of mission success. The wings of this sleek Ground Attack Fighter are mounted high, swept back and tapered with square tips which allows it to operate at high angles of attack, and large control surfaces make for superb manoeuvrability.

AMX also includes 10 different liveries and various operative configurations, created with the help of real Italian Airforce pilots, which radically change the way you will fly the plane. These configurations include clean, nav, long range nav, Mk82 bomber, Mk84 bomber and recce with Orpheus pod.

It also includes a unique 5-minute film depicting "Aeronautica Italiana" on a traning mission in Norway with the AMX courtesy of the Italian Airforce.

Features: Fully animated external model Animated pilot Totally designed in G-max Five configurations to choose from: Clean - no external stores only tip and under wing pylons, this is the most manoeuverable version - good for aerobatics and small regional flights Alpha - 2AIM-9L Sidewinders AA missiles, 2 580 litres fuel tanks. This is the most common configuration for normal flights Bravo - 2 AIM-9L Sidewinders AA missiles, 2 1100 litre fuel tanks. For very long trips and even longer with in-flight refueling Alpha + 6Mk-82 - same configuration as 1-Alpha but with 6 Mk-82 500 pound bombs on 3 Twin Store Carrier Alpha + 2Mk-84 - this time it's still the basic 1-Alpha configuration but with 2Mk-84 2000 pound bombs on the inner plates

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